Who Is KA72?

The Site

The website was born in January 2009, as a response to the difficulty I felt people were having getting to grips with complex GPS analysis software. These difficulties made it harder for people to get on with achieving their best, and stopped people from entering competitions that otherwise would have been fantastic fun for them. I decided that it was time to make it easier for technical novices to enter the world of GPS competition, and ka72 was born.

Who (or what) is KA72?

KA72 is a sail number. To be specific, KA72 was the registered sail number of Kellie Tusler. Kellie has been windsurfing since the early 1990s, and has previously competed in events such as the Lancelin Ocean Classic (which she won in 2000) and is a previous state and national Womens Windsurfing champion. Her current sail number is AUS72.

Kellie has sailed in Australia, Fiji, England, Greece, Spain and Hawaii, and is always looking for new challenges. In 2008 she was the GPS Team Challenge women's division winner and in 2009 she placed second overall, and first in her age division. She won again in 2010, 2011 and 2012. She sails in the competition with the alias "Astrid" which is her Viking name (her team is the Sunshine Coast Sailboards Vikings, which was the first team in the competition.)

She has loaned me her domain to host this website.

We first registered back in the 1990s, and it used to host information on travelling for windsurfers. These days it hosts the KA72 speed reader full time.

So Who Are You?

My name is Dylan Tusler. I'm a software developer, and longtime partner of Kellie's. I don't sail (much) and was never much good at it to be honest! However, I've long been involved in windsurfing as a competition official, race organiser, and I'm a qualified assistant windsurfing instructor. I was membership secretary and newsletter editor for Windsurfing Queensland and even designed the logo for the club (which has thankfully gone into the dustbin of history. Very 90s.) I'm also secretary of WindWanderers Inc, one of the largest windsurfing clubs in Australia.

I'm a rock climber, and cyclist, and have taken my GPS into those areas too.

I hope you get some good use out of If you have any suggestions for the site, I'd love to hear them. Send me an email at or post something at the site Facebook page.