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Uploaded in the past 24 hours. P: Personal Best, L: Location Best, Y: Year Best

Lagos, Faro, PT - tintin.gwen 27.268

43.98 kms PLY
Uploaded Recorded

Jastarnia, PL - ANON 22.185

47.20 kms
Uploaded Recorded

Majestic Point, WA, AU - Lunny 27.359

52.66 kms
Uploaded Recorded

Preluka, Volosko, HR - CRO 611 31.471

43.19 kms
Uploaded Recorded

The Train, Southport, QLD, AU - Maui Paul 18.725

20.41 kms
Uploaded Recorded

Preluka, Volosko, HR - Turbo puz 33.161

51.35 kms
Uploaded Recorded

Peel Inlet, WA, AU - Lombok 29.952

49.82 kms
Uploaded Recorded

Pallarenda, QLD, AU - snorkel962 19.815

37.70 kms
Uploaded Recorded

Anse Vata, Noumea, NC - herveg 18.368

11.66 kms
Uploaded Recorded