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You can now host and enter competitions at The first competition, the Sunshine Coast Boardsports November Hour of Power, is open for entries between the 15th of October and the 31st of October 2017. It costs only $5 to enter and is open to anyone who sails in Australian Waters.

If you want to host or run your own competitions via, let us know.

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Windsurfing Groups launched. Pro users can now create their own competitions. Regular users can join any available groups or teams.

International Kingdoms

Are you the master of your beach? Kingdoms for Windsurfing launched. Let us know if you want any other sports added or anything changed.

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Uploaded in the past 24 hours. P: Personal Best, L: Location Best, Y: Year Best

Preluka, Volosko, HR - ANON 27.826

43.02 kms
Uploaded Recorded

Green Island, QLD, AU - David Sandos 23.141

34.82 kms
Uploaded Recorded

Rose Bay, TAS, AU - Will Short 30.965

31.67 kms
Uploaded Recorded

Preluka, Volosko, HR - BOX 30.214

37.24 kms PLY
Uploaded Recorded

Preluka, Volosko, HR - Maki 30.252

23.09 kms
Uploaded Recorded

Green Island, QLD, AU - Kel 26.854

36.93 kms
Uploaded Recorded

Baie de Sainte-Marie, Noumea, NC - PH albert 23.001

33.99 kms
Uploaded Recorded

Green Island, QLD, AU - ANON 23.053

13.30 kms
Uploaded Recorded

Avalon, WA, AU - decrepit 97.253

15.08 kms PLY
Uploaded Recorded