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The first ever freerace event was held at Wallis Lake, New South Wales, Australia in January 2013. It was won by Grant Larkin.

That event captured the imagination of organisers of the Nationals and a series of races were held at Green Island in Australia in June 2013. Since then there have been many events held, including a Queensland club series, and a series in New Caledonia. The video above is from the June 2014 Green Island Nationals, at which five FreeRaces were held over five days.

Since the Queensland series began in late 2013, KA72 has been involved in producing software and systems to make running a FreeRace easy for you and your club. Just ask us how!

What is FreeRace?

FreeRace is an exciting new sailing event style, that fuses GPS racing with traditional course/slalom racing.

It is an endurance-style event, with options for all skill levels.

KA72 provides software for running these events which can be used to analyse the results, and provide instant replays of races for competitors.

You can see video of a freerace replay below.


Competitors are given a fixed zone for racing within, and a fixed period of time. (For example, a lake or a bounded box, with the time being 1pm to 2pm.)

Races usually run for one hour, or half an hour.

At the end of the race, competitors submit their GPS and the software calculates who won the race by travelling the furthest.

Replays allow competitors to dynamically observe the race from above, and see who was winning at various points, and how they were doing.