November Hour of Power

November National Hour of Power Information

Competition runs for the full month of November NOW OPEN TO ALL WINDSURFERS/WINGDINGERS/FOILERS IN ANY WATERS.

Entry fee only $10AU - registrations close on 10 November 2021, you must prepay and register prior to the 10 November to be eligible to enter the competition. Tracks will need to be uploaded here at

Winners in each division will be determined by who can sail the furthest distance (i.e. highest average
speed) during any 60 minute session recorded in the month of November. Entries must span a full 60 minutes, no partial entries allowed.

Organising authority

Bragging rights scoring in the following categories:

Junior (13-17), Womens, Open (18-34), Masters (35-44) Grand Masters (45-59), Legends (60+), Open WingDings/Foils (All Ages)



Entry Form

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