Competition Results

Bragging rights in each of the below categories

Until the competition starts on 1 November, this page will show tracks from last November posted by competitors who have joined This year's event. This is your chance to size up the competition prior to the event! And make sure you are in the right category.


All women age 18+
1K TLake Cootharaba, QLD, AU20.932020.11.18
2KazzaHowrah, TAS, AU19.642020.11.20
3DezzaKanahooka, NSW, AU18.182020.11.10
4sboardcrazyBudgewoi Lake, NSW, AU14.482020.11.19
5MerenaThe Train, Southport, QLD, AU14.312020.11.18


All entrants under the age of 18
1EurekaMelville Beach, WA, AU14.372020.11.21
2AT_1848Melville Beach, WA, AU14.292020.11.21

Grand Masters

Men aged 45-59
1StretchAlbany, WA, AU26.242020.11.06
2Steve1001Manly, QLD, AU25.842020.11.18
3Woody-MarkAlbany, WA, AU25.292020.11.06
4mortsAlbany, WA, AU24.282020.11.06
5aus 243Manly, QLD, AU23.882020.11.02
6B RadWynnum, QLD, AU23.812020.11.13
7SnertLake Cootharaba, QLD, AU23.482020.11.16
8David SandosWellington Point, QLD, AU21.622020.11.14
9CootharabeanLake Cootharaba, QLD, AU21.372020.11.13
10KatoInverloch, VIC, AU21.12020.11.23
11OafGlory Holes, Australind, WA, AU20.762020.11.14
12evilCWynnum, QLD, AU20.562020.11.16
13AntmanCarlisle St, Safety Bay, WA, AU20.12020.11.22
14Bazz2231Kurnell, NSW, AU202020.11.11
15Mr KeenLake Cootharaba, QLD, AU19.482020.11.08
16Old SaltGlory Holes, Australind, WA, AU19.172020.11.14
17NTMelville Beach, WA, AU18.482020.11.26
18AUS02Sandy Bay, TAS, AU16.872020.11.08
19conormateKyeemagh, NSW, AU15.222020.11.11
20Anthony WillsCallala Bay, NSW, AU14.582020.11.04
21MalJPoint Halloran, QLD, AU12.32020.11.14
22Ian WrightRamsgate, NSW, AU10.42020.11.21
23yarrawUnknown Location9.852020.11.07
24TerryAPelican Point, WA, AU9.692020.11.24
25Dave WWest Busselton, WA, AU8.752020.11.06
26Tony McDowallQueens Beach, QLD, AU02020.11.18


Men aged 18-34
1Mitch_207Kyeemagh, NSW, AU14.892020.11.19


Men aged 60+
1WindActionLake Cootharaba, QLD, AU25.482020.11.16
2LatteMarion Bay, TAS, AU20.852020.11.21
3Geoff RingeUrangan, QLD, AU20.82020.11.14
4WalkmanLake Cootharaba, QLD, AU20.552020.11.16
530knot questChristchurch Estuary, NZ18.332020.11.14
6Kev BWellington Point, QLD, AU12.732020.11.12


Men aged 35-44
1WindsupPeel Inlet, WA, AU25.352020.11.24
2Andy SKurnell, NSW, AU21.282020.11.19
3ChrisoLake Cootharaba, QLD, AU20.842020.11.23
4WickedPMarion Bay, TAS, AU18.842020.11.21
5Tim SellarsKyeemagh, NSW, AU18.832020.11.19
6Tommy MaciejewskiMelville Beach, WA, AU17.822020.11.24
7BakerSailorUnknown Location3.182020.11.09