Competition Results

Bragging rights in each of the below categories

Until the competition starts on 1 November, this page will show tracks from last November posted by competitors who have joined This year's event. This is your chance to size up the competition prior to the event! And make sure you are in the right category.


All women age 18+ and all Juniors (smooshed together for the foilers below)
1K TLake Cootharaba, QLD, AU19.742021.11.20
2AT_1848Melville Beach, WA, AU17.662021.11.07
3DezzaBudgewoi Lake, NSW, AU15.022021.11.05
4MerenaThe Train, Southport, QLD, AU14.612021.11.29
5KazzaDorans, TAS, AU13.862021.11.14


All entries sailed on a WindFoil or WingDing
1DarrylMunster, WA, AU22.242021.11.11
2LunnyMajestic Point, WA, AU21.932021.11.11
3jpqrBaie de Sainte-Marie, Noumea, NC20.352021.11.18
4AUS154ChrisWellington Point, QLD, AU18.792021.11.17
5DieterKyeemagh, NSW, AU18.732021.11.18
6Mexican PeteKanahooka, NSW, AU18.562021.11.01
7TonyKThe Train, Southport, QLD, AU18.412021.11.27
8SwindyShoalwater, WA, AU17.842021.11.17
9Fordy007Middle Park, VIC, AU16.82021.11.20
10RolzWellington Point, QLD, AU16.732021.11.21
11BostonCoal Point, NSW, AU16.072021.11.06
12Kenny767Majestic Point, WA, AU14.62021.11.05
13Dave WWest Busselton, WA, AU14.292021.11.21
14evilCManly, QLD, AU13.342021.11.25
15Ezzyboy Tannum Sands, QLD, AU12.892021.11.05
16Old SaltWest Busselton, WA, AU12.582021.11.24
17stroppoAvalon, WA, AU12.432021.11.20
18AlfaMaleMarmong Point, NSW, AU12.152021.11.28
19AT_1848Melville Beach, WA, AU112021.11.25
20tom 069Balmoral, NSW, AU10.542021.11.24
21Anthony WillsSanctuary Point, NSW, AU10.272021.11.24
22Jayden VacherBoyne Island, QLD, AU9.952021.11.01
23BoombusterLake Cootharaba, QLD, AU8.922021.11.20
24SailpilotNorth Mackay, QLD, AU8.582021.11.22
25ComeWhatMayMelville Beach, WA, AU8.232021.11.15
26MerenaMarine Parade, Southport, QLD, AU6.52021.11.15
27ChrisoWellington Point, QLD, AU02021.11.07

Grand Masters

Men aged 45-59
1Woody-MarkAlbany, WA, AU26.182021.11.15
2Dave WAlbany, WA, AU23.852021.11.14
3AlfaMaleCoal Point, NSW, AU21.522021.11.06
4RolzWellington Point, QLD, AU20.752021.11.07
5Murrray TowndrowCoal Point, NSW, AU20.352021.11.06
6yarrawSwan Bay, VIC, AU19.542021.11.15
7ComeWhatMayMelville Beach, WA, AU19.392021.11.07
8sluggerPeel Inlet, WA, AU19.242021.11.04
9Anthony WillsSanctuary Point, NSW, AU19.082021.11.02
10Old SaltWest Busselton, WA, AU18.552021.11.21
11Fordy007Area 45, Mahers Landing, VIC, AU18.452021.11.27
12Tony McDowallLake Cootharaba, QLD, AU18.362021.11.17
13Ezzyboy Boyne Island, QLD, AU15.522021.11.02
14nudiePrimbee, NSW, AU15.492021.11.15
15evilCManly, QLD, AU14.192021.11.29
16SailpilotMackay, QLD, AU10.942021.11.03


Men aged 18-34


Men aged 60+
1BozPeel Inlet, WA, AU21.462021.11.07
2wariclePeel Inlet, WA, AU21.132021.11.06
3TERRYPrimbee, NSW, AU17.312021.11.13
4conanKurnell, NSW, AU16.822021.11.18
5Geoff RingeUrangan, QLD, AU16.42021.11.12
6tom 069Kyeemagh, NSW, AU15.342021.11.18
730knot questLyttelton Harbour, NZ14.742021.11.24
8Ian WrightCoal Point, NSW, AU14.262021.11.06
9Mexican PetePrimbee, NSW, AU10.472021.11.15
10BoombusterLake Cootharaba, QLD, AU10.342021.11.27


Men aged 35-44
1ChrisoPoint Halloran, QLD, AU23.662021.11.28
2Mitch_207Coal Point, NSW, AU15.792021.11.06
3James FarleyCoal Point, NSW, AU14.12021.11.06
4boothyKyeemagh, NSW, AU10.672021.11.18