Competition Results

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Welcome to the November Hour of Power!

Prizes will all be via a "Lucky Draw"

Bragging rights in each of the below categories

Until the competition starts on 1 November, this page will show tracks from last November posted by competitors who have joined This year's event. This is your chance to size up the competition prior to the event! And make sure you are in the right category.


All women age 18+
1KazzaDorans, TAS, AU20.742019.11.22
2K TLake Cootharaba, QLD, AU18.562019.11.30
3MerenaMarine Parade, Southport, QLD, AU14.822019.11.15
4sboardcrazyMungo Brush, NSW, AU14.582019.11.30
5AnneLake Cootharaba, QLD, AU14.52019.11.16
6dezzaMungo Brush, NSW, AU13.942019.11.29


All entrants under the age of 18
1Jake.955Halls Head, WA, AU15.422019.11.18

Grand Masters

Men aged 45-59
1B RadManly, QLD, AU27.042019.11.26
2stroppoPeel Inlet, WA, AU26.342019.11.28
3Steve1001Wynnum, QLD, AU25.492019.11.26
4BozPeel Inlet, WA, AU24.832019.11.19
5LunnyAlbany, WA, AU24.652019.11.16
6mortsAlbany, WA, AU24.082019.11.08
7cocky2Lake Cootharaba, QLD, AU23.932019.11.18
8MTPrimbee, NSW, AU23.642019.11.26
9CootharabeanLake Cootharaba, QLD, AU23.162019.11.16
10SwindyCarlisle St, Safety Bay, WA, AU22.852019.11.27
11David SandosWynnum, QLD, AU22.552019.11.30
12Mr KeenWellington Point, QLD, AU21.982019.11.01
13TerryACarlisle St, Safety Bay, WA, AU21.092019.11.11
14AUS200Dorans, TAS, AU21.022019.11.23
15StretchCoodanup, WA, AU20.462019.11.23
16evilCManly, QLD, AU19.62019.11.22
17TGaleSouth Arm Neck Beach, TAS, AU19.582019.11.26
18Dave WWest Busselton, WA, AU19.482019.11.27
19Anthony WillsMungo Brush, NSW, AU19.212019.11.29
20OafPeel Inlet, WA, AU18.022019.11.24
21jratStansbury, SA, AU17.952019.11.23
22AUS02Rosetta, TAS, AU17.762019.11.01
23musorianinManly, QLD, AU17.712019.11.03
24Ian WrightMungo Brush, NSW, AU15.752019.11.29
25snorkel962Pallarenda, QLD, AU15.742019.11.30
26ratzGlory Holes, Australind, WA, AU15.512019.11.19
27aus 243Manly, QLD, AU15.322019.11.01
28Andrew HaighCoal Point, NSW, AU15.032019.11.14
29cookieStanley, TAS, AU14.932019.11.30
30yarrawSwan Bay, VIC, AU14.892019.11.09
31TonyKGolden Beach, QLD, AU13.732019.11.08
32Richard JackManly, QLD, AU12.192019.11.14
33Brad BarrettLake Cootharaba, QLD, AU5.562019.11.23
34SWE76Vikhög, Skåne län, SE4.892019.11.15
35Dr Duck 2Kingston Park, SA, AU2.482019.11.23


Men aged 18-34
1snakePelican Point, WA, AU23.062019.11.27


Men aged 60+
1WindActionLake Cootharaba, QLD, AU24.52019.11.20
2conanPrimbee, NSW, AU23.582019.11.08
3Geoff RingeUrangan, QLD, AU21.842019.11.08
4LatteMarion Bay, TAS, AU18.882019.11.19
5rudiLake Cootharaba, QLD, AU18.782019.11.07
6 RussellWLake Cootharaba, QLD, AU16.532019.11.03
7wariclePeel Inlet, WA, AU15.762019.11.26
8WinemanManly, QLD, AU3.522019.11.20


Men aged 35-44
1Tommy MaciejewskiShoalwater, WA, AU24.262019.11.18
2RolzWellington Point, QLD, AU23.172019.11.01
3Murrray TowndrowBelmont Bay (Slipways), NSW, AU22.642019.11.02
4Kenny767Peel Inlet, WA, AU22.52019.11.28
5WickedPMarion Bay, TAS, AU22.212019.11.19
6TRIMMERWellington Point, QLD, AU20.952019.11.25
7Mick_552Melville Beach, WA, AU20.392019.11.24
8Willem WolversOostvoornse Meer, South Holland, NL202019.11.09
9Maciej BSouthend-on-Sea, England, GB19.932019.11.02
10Tim SellarsKyeemagh, NSW, AU18.012019.11.21
11ChrisoWellington Point, QLD, AU17.972019.11.01
12JonskiPeel Inlet, WA, AU16.892019.11.22
13Tony McDowallTurners Camp, QLD, AU11.942019.11.08