Windsurfing Kingdoms of the World

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Kingdoms FAQ

Q. What is a Kingdom?

A. A Kingdom is any sailing spot where someone has sailed a cumulative total of more than 100km over the past twelve months. Tracks must be logged as Windsurfing tracks, and they must be "Public" or "Registered" security tracks to qualify.

Q. What does being "King" mean?

A. It means that over the past twelve months, you have sailed more kilometres at that location than any other person. The boxes down the left side show how many kilometres each person has posted at that location over the past twelve months.

Q. So what does a "King" get?

A. Apart from the obvious bragging rights, Kings can also write their own history, taunts, or trivia questions (or anything else they want) in the notes box of their kingdom. Just type in the box and tab out of it, and you have made your stamp in history. But beware, your successor may just decide to rewrite it for you!

Q. What about Queens and Knaves?

2nd and 3rd place respectively. You can see who is snapping at your heels, and see how close they are by the level of civil disorder in your Kingdom. If there is nobody else who has sailed a cumulative total of over 100km at a location, they won't appear in the box. Instead there is just "??", a spot waiting to be filled.

Q. If someone has sailed heaps, I'll never beat them! Why bother trying?

Kingdoms are only based on kilometres sailed over the last twelve months. If you sail consistently at the same spot, there is no reason you can't take it after putting in the effort. A King has to keep sailing at a spot in order to retain their Kingdom! It's not all grouse hunting and banquets!