Getting Started Videos

Video 1 - Installing FreeRace Master

In this video, you learn about how to register on the website, download the software, and install it.

If you already have FreeRace Master installed, you can skip this video.

Video 2 - Running for the First Time

In this video, find out what happens the first time you run FreeRace Master, and there's an important tip for not losing all your hard work.

Video 3 - Setting Up and Running a Simple Event

This video runs you through how to set up and run a "trial" event. This is an end-to-end introduction to the simplest way to run a small event using FreeRace Master.

You'll find out how to set up sailing locations the easy way, and how to add sailors to an event and load their files.

Video 4 - Creating a Quick Replay

Quick Replay is a replay that you can run at the beach after the race (or in the clubhouse if you prefer!) The quick replay gives your sailors a unique view on the race as it unfolded and is a great way to unwind after an event.

Video 5 - Saving a Replay Video from FreeRace Master

If you want to know how to export video from FreeRace Master this video will give you the information you need.

Advanced Topics

Licenses for Events

Zones and Markers

In this video, learn how licensing for FreeRace Master works, how to purchase event licenses, and how to activate them in the software. Learn about how to create custom zones for Freerace events, so you can restrict sailing to specific regions.